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Now that jokes and pranks have subsided, it’s time to introduce you to Tragic Kingdom’s featured artist for April.  It’s not often that you stumble upon music that is so compelling and rich in content it moves you to action.  However, when I first heard The CO, made up of Collin Brace, Troy Akers, and Nate Fleming, I was reminded of why I love this industry.  The trio, who are joined by Will Harrison and Phil Snowden when they hit the stage, are a Nashville based band setting out to break the mold of the city’s stereotypical sound.
In January of last year, the band released their debut self-titled album independently, which is full of infectious melodies and family friendly content – a refreshing step away from the oversexed party anthems currently rocking the airwaves.  Standouts on the album include “Permanent Mistake”, “Keep It Together”, and “Sweet Home”.  The 8-track LP is packed with haunting melodies and soulful vocals that resemble those of Denver-based chart toppers The Fray. But while the comparisons might appear painfully obvious at times, it’s the spirit in which these music makers deliver their performance that sets them apart from the rest of the soulful pop-rock wannabes.  From what I can tell, these talented musicians are a true band of brothers who aren’t so jaded by the industry that they refuse a little hard work.  Instead, they tirelessly devote time giving back to their fans and taking a stand for what they believe.  It’s become a rarity to see musicians in this industry that can confidently deliver positive messages that inspire listeners, but The CO does it effortlessly. Whether a phone call to a loved one reminding them you care or giving a piece of your time and/or resources to help those less fortunate, this album inspires action.  In fact, Akers is heading to India later this year to share a bit of his own positive energy with the Dalit people, who are in so much need of support and hope. 
If this industry handed out college degrees for writing and sharing music The CO would be well on their way to earning the top honors, which is clear as their next slew of pop-genius prepares for release. The boys kicked off 2011 with a new single, currently available on iTunes.  Emerging with a more matured sound, “Heartbeat” has the makings of an instant pop classic and is screaming for radio-time.  Later this month, the band will release their next single “Camo”, which will likely be accompanied by a video on their popular YouTube channel.  The song, which is masterfully produced, offers more of the same winning formula that will easily resonate with their fans as well as the masses, leading me to believe these soldiers in music are going to the next big breakout hit.
You can purchase their full length debut album on iTunes now and check back later this month for more on our newest members of the Tragic Kingdom family.  And for more information on how you can help Troy with his efforts in India, visit his website and do what you can.
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