Circus Continues

by • June 10, 2009 • Britney SpearsComments (3,843)49051

Britney Spears has brought fans her “Circus” worldwide for the majority of 2009. The Queen of Pop, who has been in London for the past few days, added some new remixes and songs to her set, which initially launched in the U.S.. The most noticeable change is the addition of “Gimme More”, which was unbelievably absent from her U.S. tour dates.

And now, The Circus Tour, which has become the highest grossing in the United States in 2009, has been extended! In September, Britney will make her back to the U.S. for a second leg of the tour, then she will take over Australia for the first time in November. Tickets for the second American leg of the tour go on sale June 19th at Ticketmaster. We might be making another trip….I’ll keep you posted.

We hope that Jive is preparing a DVD version of the tour to come out by the year’s end. With the shows nonstop action, you can’t catch it all the first time around. For those who were unable to attend the show when it stopped in your hometown, here’s the full length opening sequence featuring fellow blogger, Perez Hilton.

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