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On this week’s rock-themed show, not only will the contestants be performing a solo song, they will also team up with one of the other contestants for a “rocking” duet. This will either be incredibly great or go horribly wrong; either way it will make for some great TV. It will also, likely, have an effect on the voting, seeing as one set (whoever is teamed with Lambert) of contestants might do much better than another set – helping boost the final votes.

Also, ex-Idol producer, Nigel Lythgoe, revealed that most of the time the bottom 3 is not revealed to America in the correct order. The producers are given the go ahead to put them in any order they want to create a boost in ratings. So, this confirms our theory that Adam Lambert was not in the bottom 2 last week, but they are working to boost his votes to crown him the winner. That seems bullish to us!

And, lastly, since the contestants that the Vote For The Worsters keep trying to keep around are getting cut (Megan Joy, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud), they have now turned their attention to Danny, who was once a front runner, as the worst hopeful left standing. Seems like they haven’t thought that one through.

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