"Keep Voting"

by • March 31, 2009 • BlogComments (3,580)38593

At this weekends Kids Choice Awards on Nickelodeon, American Idol won for favorite reality show. David Archuleta and Paula Abdul were on hand to accept the award. Why is David Archuleta, the runner up from last season, accepting the award? Not Simon Fuller or, hell, even Simon Cowell? At least they had Paula Abdul there, but should she really be allowed to be that close to all those children? Luckily, David Archuleta didn’t let her get one word in during the acceptance speech, although it was entertaining to watch her try. Obvisouly someone coached him, “Do not let Paula speak”. The last thing Idol needs is her spouting off at the mouth at the Kids Choice Awards. But I did enjoy her plea, once the cameras had shifted off her, to “keep voting”. Thanks Paula, with over 36 million votes cast last week, we will.

Check out the reaction and acceptance speech now, it’s priceless.

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