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The Much Music Awards, hosted by The Jonas Brothers, aired last night live from Canada. On stage, Lady GaGa and Kelly Clarkson heated it up with their hits, but unfortunately the focus of last night’s awards turned to what went down offstage instead.

Apparently, The Black Eyed Peas, who also performed last night, weren’t too happy with what celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, had been writing about their new album. The group confronted Perez at the rehearsals for the show and then continued to confront the blogger throughout last night’s celebration. Based on Perez’s site, and a terrible vlog he posted where he calls Fergie “Fugly” and Will.I.Am a whole slew of cheap insults, the confrontation escalated last night at an after party when Will.I.Am and his manager followed Perez to his car. It was then that Will’s management punched Perez three times…allegedly.

Just goes to show, two media whores in the same room is a recipe for disaster! But now, back to the awards – check out Kelly’s performance of “My Life Would Suck Without You” and GaGa’s performance of her hits, which includes fireworks and a bra that shoots off sparks (the filming of this was not very good, so parts of it are hard to see, but we’re waiting for a higher quality).

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