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Ellen joins the judges panel on tonight’s American Idol as the contestants begin the grueling rounds of Hollywood Week.  And while Ellen was excited to join the juggernaut series, it seems all is not well between her and Britain’s bad boy, Simon Cowell.  It was recently reported that the two are not speaking to each other after Simon arrived an hour and a half late for the first taping. The talk show host was greatly annoyed with British bully’s tardiness and insisted the producers begin without him.  Once Simon arrived, things were tense and continued to escalate from there.  A source from the series says, “It’s a lot more tense than previous seasons.  It seems as if Ellen has decided to try to take control since Simon is on his way out and that’s created problems”.

And as if Simon’s departure from the show wasn’t a big enough blow, it is being rumored that Howard Stern is being courted to take over next season.  Stern announced that it is being talked about and that he’d love to do it, but would require a $100 Million paycheck.  I just hope FOX can’t find the dough – Stern would completely drive the show into the ground.  First Ellen, then Stern?  It’s a music related show, launching some of today’s biggest names.  It seems producers are losing site of that and looking for someone to create hype over.

Tune in tonight to see how Ellen pairs with the panel on an all new American Idol, tonight on FOX.  

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